Introducing The Jim Rutt Show

The Jim Rutt Show is an interview podcast series examining cutting-edge thinking in science and technology and the future of our economic, political and social systems and institutions. New episodes are released weekly, more or less.

The Jim Rutt Show It is available on Apple Music or iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher, and PodcastApp. Follow Jim Rutt  on: Twitter and Medium.

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10 thoughts on “Introducing The Jim Rutt Show

  1. This is a terrific show and I would be glad to support it. Every episode leaves me with more books and blogs to read, which is fabulous. So it would be nice for us all if you added a media list (books, videos, other podcasts) that came up in discussion to your summary area. Key names and so on can miss some of these items, and I often listen where I cannot stop and write them down. Thanks for considering. Keep up the great work!

  2. Jim — kudos on the show, the content is excellent.

    However, the audio quality has been overmaximized/boosted to such an extent that I find it almost unlistenable. I was listening to the David Brin episode for a bit last night but stopped because of the sound quality.

    You are clearly using some kind of limiter/maximizer on the audio, which is fine, but you need to dial it WAY back so it’s just kicking in a little bit. As it is, EVERY WORD IS SO LOUD THAT IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU AND YOUR GUEST ARE BOTH YELLING AT ME WHEN I LISTEN TO IT. Also any dynamics/expressiveness/emphasis in speech is lost when you use such an extreme compression setting.

    FWIW I am an audio professional and know something about these topics…would hate to see your show get less attention than it deserves because of the sound quality.

    1. Hi Sarah. Thanks for listening. Dr. Jill Tarter is our next podcast, scheduled for release Monday, September 23rd. In the next two months, we’ll have interviews with startup specialist Sara Kindsfater-Yerkes, workplace consultant Bonnitta Roy, complexity expert Jessica Flack, and filmmaker Nora Bateson, all of whom identify as women. Please feel free to suggest guests we should go after. Thank you!

      Producer, The Jim Rutt Show

  3. I used to work for you at Pinpoint Publishing. There was a startup that was ahead of its time. I’m glad to see you are still at the leading edge.

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