EP70 Art Brock & Ferananda Ibarra on Currencies

Art Brock & Ferananda Ibarra talk with Jim about the dynamics of currencies as seen in education, culture, reputation, relationships, markets, and much more…


Art Brock & Ferananda Ibarra talk with Jim about the dynamics & characteristics of currencies, credentials, competence, reputation, the broad range of non-monetary currencies, relational-backed social currency, pros & cons of scarcity & measuring, time banks, how mutual credit systems work, financial collapses, fiat currency, speculative vs resource-backed markets, currency plurality, designing currencies, non-numeric currency, amazon ratings, and more.

Episode Transcript

Mentions & Recommendations

Arthur Brock is the Chief Architect of Holochain and spends his time building targeted currencies which shape the social dynamics of our emerging post-industrial economy. He has created more than a hundred designs for multi-currency systems and his software company has built and deployed dozens of those systems.

Ferananda Ibarra’s works focuses on Organizational Development (Teal, Deliberately Developmental Organizations, Self-management, Distributed and P2P philosophies and applications), Collective Intelligence and Regenerative Economies (very focused in currency design and implementation).

She is a Co-Founder of Holochain, the Chief-Harmony Officer (CHO) in Unified Field Corporation for the brand JustOne Organics, and Co-Director of CommonsEngine.org.