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EP70 Art Brock & Ferananda Ibarra on Currencies


Art Brock & Ferananda Ibarra talk with Jim about the dynamics & characteristics of currencies, credentials, competence, reputation, the broad range of non-monetary currencies, relational-backed social currency, pros & cons of scarcity & measuring, time banks, how mutual credit systems work, financial collapses, fiat currency, speculative vs resource-backed markets, currency plurality, designing currencies, non-numeric currency, amazon ratings, and more.

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Arthur Brock is the Chief Architect of Holochain and spends his time building targeted currencies which shape the social dynamics of our emerging post-industrial economy. He has created more than a hundred designs for multi-currency systems and his software company has built and deployed dozens of those systems.

Ferananda Ibarra’s works focuses on Organizational Development (Teal, Deliberately Developmental Organizations, Self-management, Distributed and P2P philosophies and applications), Collective Intelligence and Regenerative Economies (very focused in currency design and implementation).

She is a Co-Founder of Holochain, the Chief-Harmony Officer (CHO) in Unified Field Corporation for the brand JustOne Organics, and Co-Director of

EP69 Rachel Haywire on Free Thinking & Expression

Rachel Haywire

Rachel Haywire talks to Jim about running for president in the transhumanist party, her Elixer Salon, her Pulling out of the Narrative article, GameB, acting vs philosophizing, taking our work & selves seriously, neo-reactionaries, understanding & working with people who have dark triad traits, NLP, understanding the art right, aesthetics, the complex dynamics of today’s political left & right, H. L. Mencken, antisemitism, defending cosmopolitanism, dark bohemianism & scaling volatility, anarchism, sex & gender, Slate Star Codex, and more.

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Rachel Haywire is an author and entrepreneur based in New York City. She is also a futurist and musician who ran for President of the United States as an independent candidate. Her interests range from VR to philosophy to aesthetic movements.