Currents 056: Julyan Davey on Weaving a Non-Dual Civilization

Jim has a talk with Julyan Davey inspired by Julyan’s essay series “Weaving a Non-Dual Civilisation“…

Jim has a talk with Julyan Davey inspired by Julyan’s essay series “Weaving a Non-Dual Civilisation.” They discuss the “sublimewe” modality as a means of shifting into a GameB mindset, incorporating the intersubjective world into our models, interweaving inner & outer work, initiation camps for the GameB paradigm, a non-Jungian application of the shadow, how GameA dynamics self-perpetuate, questioning the primacy of trauma, non-trauma reasons for taking on GameA value structures, methods for sharing value systems, an example case named Tim, cognitive defending, extractive intentionality, social influence & performativity, identifying with Instagram, violent infrastructure & Graeber’s structural violence, 8 kinds of capital & how they get depleted, the inner engine of money-on-money return, transformative vs control culture, building sovereignty & coherence at the same time, admitting ignorance, the real possibility of GameB spaces, and much more.

Julyan is a writer and transformational facilitator whose work explores the cultural foundations necessary for a life-affirming human civilisation. He works with sublimewe, which is a we-space technology for facilitating a shift in culture within groups, as well as Possibility Management, which provides adulthood initiations to build a culture of responsibility. He has a background doing transformative conflict work in the social movement Extinction Rebellion, where he first confronted the need for a deeper cultural shift.