EP86 Nadav Zeimer on Educational Reform

Nadav Zeimer talks to Jim about being a high school principal, our educational failures, dynamics of his proposed academic platform, and much more…

Nadav Zemier

Nadav Zeimer talks to Jim about his background & how it informs his work as a high school principal, the educational system’s failure to build the right skills, consumption vs information literacy, COVID-19 impacts on education, what digital nativism & media creation means to Nadav, hands-on non-digital learning, out-dated education incentives, Nadav’s academic platform & crediting system dynamics & incentives, centralized vs decentralized accreditation, learning vs memorizing, changing the role of teachers, credit experts & catalysts, tactics for preventing cheating, pass & fail system, Nadav’s idea for education-based basic income, and more.

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Nadav Zeimer works at the intersection of technology and education. He excelled as a software engineer in Silicon Valley prior to becoming an award-winning physics/robotics teacher, turnaround principal, and public speaker. As a teacher, Nadav integrated podcasting into his curricula and was selected to lead a school design team. Seven consecutive years of breakthrough student outcomes followed, along with widespread recognition for his digital media-centered approach to school reform. Based on nearly two decades of experience, he has launched an open-source, blockchain ledger of “gold standard” high school credits. Nadav is the author of Education in the Digital Age: How We Get There offers an evaluation of how digital technology and economics are poised to transform education by examining the concept of academic capital.