Currents 002: Brian Hanley on Releasing the Vaccines

In this Currents episode, Jim talks to Brian Hanley about his view on the economic impact & recovery of COVID-19, the dramatic social impacts emerging, his views & experience with vaccine creation, vaccine risks & effectiveness, his proposal for rolling out vaccines immediately, immunity dynamics, and more.

Brian Hanley is the founder and chief scientist for Butterfly Sciences. Brian holds a Microbiology PhD from UC Davis with honors completed in under three years. Brian guest lectured for the MBA program at Santa Clara University for 6 years and has years of operations experience in the USA and Central Asia in startups and early-stage companies. He has publications in epidemiology, biotechnology, economics and a portfolio of patents in addition to chapters on biodefense and terrorism in DHS/West Point sponsored books. Since founding Butterfly Sciences, Brian has developed gene therapies for HIV treatment and new approaches to flow-cytometry diagnostics.

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash