EP55 Jack Murphy on Leaving the Left

Jack Murphy talks to Jim about The Liminal Order, attacks on masculinity, gender, post-modernism, impacts of social justice, racism, Trump, localism, and much more…

Jack Murphy

Jack Murphy talks to Jim about his professional & political background, why he started The Liminal Order, his book, Democrat to Deplorable, the left’s attack on masculinity, Jack’s view on the manosphere & men’s rights movement, the toxic masculinity meme, gender equality vs equity, post-modernism, the authoritarian leftGamebidentity politics, the negative impacts of social justice, systemic & implicit racism, Trump’s personality, new masculinity, localism, and more.

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Jack Murphy is the founder of the Liminal Order, a writer, speaker, podcaster, and author of “Democrat to Deplorable: Why Nine Million Obama Voters Ditched the Democrats and Embraced Donald Trump.”.

Jack has a B.A. in Economics from George Mason University and a Master’s degree from the Georgetown School of Foreign Service. At GU he studied International Finance and International Affairs.

3 thoughts on “EP55 Jack Murphy on Leaving the Left

  1. President Trump declaring “war on China” reminds me of the “Opium War” that the United Kingdom declared on China. However, China is no longer the “Sick Man of the East” that was easily defeated by the UK. The US will be in for a fight that they might just result in everybody suffering.

    Personally, I think it would be better if people remember that every nation in the world is full of people who have similar goals and aspirations. It would be far better if people could evolve away from the zero sum mentality that dominates global thinking.

  2. As someone who has experienced the same kind of treatment JM describes numerous times in my work in Africa, the first hour of the discussion resonated with me across a number of the issues raised. I was disappointed by his subsequent portrayal of the issues in terms clearly rooted in his personal victimology. His case for supporting Trump cherry-picked some of the issues and inverted others, like the behavior of capital markets during the pandemic. His references to Western civilization was straight out of the Steve Bannon playbook, and ignore both the coevolutionary processes and the crippling exploitation of other regions underpinning its rise. In the end, Jack Murphy came across as a born-again Game A player in camouflage–but I hope I am wrong about how his views align further down the line. Kudos to JR for his deft handling of the conclusion; unlike Adam above, I think these kind of discussions are useful for unmasking inconsistencies that the Game B discourse needs to reconcile over time.

  3. I stumbled upon the Jim Rutt podcast a few weeks ago and have been devouring the content and concepts daily. Unfortunately, after listening to this one a became quite frustrated. Jack Murphy was very thoughtful and considered when talking about the problems with the post-modern critical theory and SJW movement and was accurate, I think, in describing it as a religion. But when talking about his politics towards the end he devolves into his own religious zealotry. Jim pushes back a little and I can sense he wants to avoid a political argument, but damn that was rough to listen to. I appreciate the Jim Rutt show for the quality of guests and conversation, but when a guest is so inconsistent in his objectivity and quality of analysis it brings down the quality of the show.

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