Currents 022: Curtis Yarvin on Institutional Failure

Jim talks to Curtis Yarvin about his recent article, “2020, the year of everything fake”: presentism, history, COVID-19 response failures, and much more…

In this Currents episode, Jim talks to Curtis Yarvin about some key points in his recent article, “2020, the year of everything fake“. They start by talking about the ability &/or inability to take the world seriously, presentism, history, political formulas & their connection to governmental failure, the fall of the soviet union, and the stupidity quotient. They then explore aspects of the US institutional failures related to the COVID-19 response: virus origin, vaccines, conflicting incentives, lockdowns, and US governmental ops capacities today & in the past. They go on to talk about the Manhattan Project, oligarchy vs monarchy, and Curtis wraps the episode up by reciting a speech from 1933 to demonstrate how much has changed.

Curtis Yarvin (AKA Mencius Moldbug) is widely credited with founding neoreaction (NRx). Yarvin describes NRx as a political philosophy and intellectual movement dedicated to providing secure, responsible, and effective government. Yarvin further says a central thesis of neoreaction is that accomplishing this goal requires a critical re-evaluation of “democracy” from the perspective of political engineering and informed by a study of the great political thinkers of the past.