Currents 029: Vance Crowe on the “Well-Actually” Graph

Jim talks to Vance Crowe about what led him to work at Monsanto, how he discovered & uses the “Well_Actually” Graph, GameB, VR & much more…

In this currents episode, Jim talks to Vance Crowe about what led him to work at Monsanto & the dynamics of its public narrative, how he discovered the “Well_Actually” Graph, limitations of PR firms & communications training, the value of skeptics & deep understanding, navigating the “Well-Actually” Graph, disagreeable nerds, GameB & alignment beyond agreement, VR as a strong-link medium, and more.

Vance Crowe is a communications consultant that has worked for corporations and international organizations around the world. Vance helps organizations realize why the general public doesn’t agree with their perspective and offers new ways to communicate effectively, resolve disagreements, and build rapport with critics and stakeholders. He is the former Director of Millennial Engagement for Monsanto, previously worked as a Communications Strategist for the World Bank Group, as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer stationed in Kenya, as a Communications Coordinator at a National Public Radio affiliate in Northern California, and as a deckhand on an eco-tourism ship that traveled the Western Hemisphere. He holds a degree in communications from Marquette University and a master’s degree in cross-cultural negotiations from the Seton Hall School of Diplomacy.