EP80 Daniel Schmachtenberger on Better Sensemaking

Daniel Schmachtenberger talks to Jim about sensemaking & how it’s impacted by algorithms, addiction, authority, conspiracy, education, and much more…

Daniel Schmachtenberger

Daniel Schmachtenberger talks to Jim about the increasing importance of sensemaking in our globalized culture, internet algorithm impacts on narrative warfare, digital dopamine hijacking & addiction dynamics, dangerous contemporary authority dynamics, global government vs governance & other coordinating processes, the history of democracy, the essential role of education, sensemaking with hyperobjects in global complexity, the danger of certainty & challenge of acting in uncertainty, conspiracy theory & combating bias, valuing disagreement, building sensemaking institutions, new forms of public education, and much more.

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Daniel Schmachtenberger’s central interest is long term civilization design: developing better collective capacities for sense-making and meaning-making, to inform higher quality choice-making…towards a world commensurate with our higher values and potentials. He has an eclectic educational background, mostly from outside of institutional settings, in the natural sciences, social sciences, and philosophy…with an emphasis in the epistemics needed to better approach ‘wicked’ problems, and the ethical considerations to inform the design criteria for adequate solutions

Daniel has participated in projects to survey the landscape of existential and catastrophic risks, advance forecasting and mitigation strategies, and develop capacities for the kinds of multi-agent coordination needed to implement viable solutions. Such solutions are believed to be achievable and would represent the kernel of a new and robust civilizational model…that has the capacity for enduring antifragility in the presence of the (destabilizing) power conferred by decentralized exponential technology. Advancing those models for long term viability, along with advancing the capacities for sense-making, design, and coordination needed to support the necessary nearer-term transitional and protective work, is Daniel’s mission and focus. Full Bio ››

4 thoughts on “EP80 Daniel Schmachtenberger on Better Sensemaking

  1. Hey, this is a fun episode that criss-crosses the talking points of myself, Forrest Landry, Michel Bauwens, Jordan Hall, ZAk Stein, etc.

    Cheers, and let’s re-convene soon.

    – Robert Conan Ryan

  2. “Liquid Democracy” and delegated voting were briefly mentioned: Just wanted to thank you for that and point to some more resources about it:

    – Its Wikipedia page has a bunch of examples from various organization types
    – LiquidFeedback.org and Loomio.org are 2 of several softwares that implements collaborative decision-making principles

  3. So the goal is to build systems that coordinate and develop emergent human collective intelligence.

    – Civic Education/Empirical Capacity
    – Enlightenment of value systems of respectful sense making
    – Eventually end of viral content replication
    – Create short ingestible resources of progressive philosophical thought

  4. Thank you for, as usual making some excellent points. In particular “epistemic nihilism” leading to “tribalism” leading to “polarization” that can be “nudged” in the right direction with very little effort because of the underlying “algorithm”, all fueled by “dopamine”. Just to push back a little though, I think it has always been this way. My children don’t seem as gullible as first glance would seem. And besides, addiction is only the second worse healthcare issue in the world (covid is way down the list).
    Mark Elliott MD
    Dept of Anesthesia
    Providence Healthcare
    Vancouver, BC

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