Extra: On COVID-19 with John Robb

In this short extra episode Jim talks with John Robb about how prepared we were for a pandemic like this, manufacturing, the economic & health impacts, CA & NY trends, impacts of ignoring quarantine, what is needed for a societal recovery, the political response, UBI vs bailouts, and more.

John is an author, inventor, entrepreneur, technology analyst, astro engineer, and military pilot. He’s started numerous successful technology companies, including one in the financial sector that sold for $295 million and one that pioneered the software we currently see in use at Facebook and Twitter. John’s insight on technology and governance has appeared on the BBC, Fox News, National Public Radio, CNBC, The EconomistThe New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and BusinessWeek.

John served as a pilot in a tier-one counter-terrorism unit that worked alongside Delta and Seal Team 6. He wrote the book Brave New War on the future of national security, and has advised the Joint Chiefs of Staff, NSA, DoD, CIA, and the House Armed Services Committee.

2 thoughts on “Extra: On COVID-19 with John Robb

  1. Fully agree with the idea that all citizens with social security numbers should all get a welfare card…. and then we can do up to thw minute adjustments to what people get, who, how , etc.

  2. Jim and John – Thanks. Woke up this morning after a very depressing day with stock market suckering people in and Trump doing his crazy negotiation as if the world hasn’t changed forever and felt alone. Then listening to both of you talk intelligently it took the isolation away and sensed hope in connectivity. I remembered how I came to listen to you Jim and it was through your interview with Stuart Kaufman. A smart relative told me about Stuart and his work years ago. Anyway the whole concept of emergence gave me hope together with both of your ideas about moving forward. I am convinced that outside of the political structures and failing hierarchies there is hope.

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