EP37 Jared Janes on Spirituality

Jared Janes talks with Jim about spiritual language, altered states vs traits, suffering, the confabulated self, embodiment, concentration practices, metaphysics, and more…

Jared Janes

Meditator & thinker Jared Janes talks with Jim about why he still uses the word ‘spiritual’, altered states vs altered traits, the equation & dynamics of suffering, understanding our own intentions, the confabulating mind, embodied intuition, the value & limits of conceptuality, what the self is & its usefulness, attention & awareness, the pleasure of concentration, metaphysics, and more.

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Jared Janes is a podcast producer/host (The Jim Rutt Show, Both/And, & Impactful), a management consultant, and a committed meditator. He’s been a daily meditator for over five years, has completed multiple meditation courses from different traditions, attends multiple meditation retreats each year, and personally coaches meditators in his spare time. Before podcasting & consulting he built a career in digital operations & management, started & ran a nonprofit, played a video game semi-professionally, and spent his spare time learning about personal performance, science & philosophy.