EP8 Jordan “Greenhall” Hall and Game B

Jordan is the Co-founder and Executive Chairman of the Neurohacker Collective. He is now in his 17th year of building disruptive technology companies. Jordan’s interests in comics, science fiction, computers, and way too much TV led to a deep dive into contemporary philosophy (particularly the works of Gilles Deleuze and Manuel DeLanda), artificial intelligence and complex systems science, and then, as the Internet was exploding into the world, a few years at Harvard Law School where he spent time with Larry Lessig, Jonathan Zittrain and Cornel West examining the coevolution of human civilization and technology.

  1. Introduction: Thinking vs. Simulated Thinking 7 minutes
  2. Game A is Over 25 minutes
  3. Game Theory and Fragility 11 minutes
  4. Complexity and Collapse 6 minutes
  5. Superempowerment 11 minutes
  6. Why The Tech Isn’t Going to Save Us 8 minutes
  7. Game B and the Vulcan Spartans of Highland County 20 minutes
  8. The Beauty of Game B 6 minutes

Transcript of The Jim Rutt Show featuring Jordan Hall

7 thoughts on “EP8 Jordan “Greenhall” Hall and Game B

  1. Among obviously many other things, and i love the gentle game B concept and can see how it may be very doable…ive aslo given quiye a bit of thought to how we might alter the underlying dynamical drivers of our current system to help pave the way for a full game B transition. This includes such levers as money creation, charter structures of corporate entities, and raidcally participatory and place/endeavor based forms of governance, and conceptions/definitions of ownership and usage rights for rivalrous goods built on top of existing “democratic” institutions…In addition too everything else, i am running for state office in NJ and planning to primary an incumbent under Sanders banner for congress in 2020. The right kind of GND ( place based in terms of decision making focussed on distributed renewable infrastructure, transitioning to regenerative agriculture, regeneration of lost ecosystems, and relocalization of production around maker spaces ( the DG/ML mantra of michel bauwens and friends at p2p) backed by a federal JG in conjunction with recinding the rights of credit creation by private banks can go a long way. Instrumental in this would be the relatively new conception of public/commons partnerships, and the formation of a network of public banks under multi stakeholder democratic control. This wont get us to game B, i dont think that is possible with money as the only measure of value, or with the existence of private property, but it will engender the emergence of a society of active contributors engaged in meaningful work, from the current society of sedentary consumers engaged in “bullshit Jobs”.

    my stump speech:
    Imagine a world, in which each of us have the freedom and opportunity to contribute our own unique skills to improving the lives of our neighbors and living harmoniously with the nurturing web of life that makes human societies possible.
    I’m Wayne Lewis, and I’m running for the General Assembly in New Jersey’s 9th District. Since 2008, My wife Diane and I have raised our daughter and 2 furbabies in Galloway. I really never thought I’d be making a speech like this, but the crisis facing our state, our country, and our planet is just too urgent..I can’t in, good conscience wait passively for leaders to emerge., but must now step forward. We associate the word politician with greed, Selfishness, and corruption. If you give me the opportunity, WE can begin to change those associations to compassion, caring, and integrity…By compassion, im talking about something deeper than sympathy, i mean the answer you get to the fundamental question…what is it like to be you? What are the conditions that brought you to hate, poverty, crime, or addiction? and by integrity I mean an unflappable focus on helping build a society we are all proud to be a part of…a society of caring and compassionate people with the sovereignty to contribute to the wellbeing of their neighbors and the health of their home planet.

    For the last 15 years, I have made my living playing poker, an unorthodox background perhaps, but I have long earned a comfortable income making risk/reward decisions. More than anything else, poker is a game about understanding people…what they are thinking, and why. Ironically, the ultra competitive, selfish game of poker has allowed me to witness … first hand… the profound sadness and confusion of most of the people I had once thought of as the most successful among us. This, along with my growing awareness of the depth and severity of the climate crisis led me on a decade long quest to find meaning and cohesion in human society and the biosphere. This led me to deep dives into many subjects and the relationships between them with those prime drivers as my guide. You name it…i’ve probably studied it, and thought about how it interacts with what seems to be a culturally enacted sprint to the abyss.

    Ya know…over the years, I’ve played a lot of poker with some of the wealthiest people you can imagine…top Wall Street traders, hedge fund managers, CEOs, and senior partners in the most prestigious law firms around. This may surprise you but I sense… a lot of confusion and sadness in my wealthy poker buddies. In being so focused on today’s market stats, quarterly earnings reports, bonuses and personal consumption most… have forgotten their capacity to sense the joy of contribution. Many of them are seeking thrills instead of meaning and I can feel, from across the table, that it’s not working for them. None of them… will ever want for anything, but finding purpose… when you’ve already won what you see as the only game in town seems impossible. The numbers they live by leave them blind to the deep satisfaction available in seeing their contributions result in the joy and growth of others. The pursuit of more is all they know. A move in the direction of contribution is a call back to meaning and purpose in the lives of the wealthy, not simply a handout to “the poor”. Without meaning and purpose…we die inside, no matter… how much money we make.

    I’m running one of the most progressive campaigns in the history of New Jersey – a campaign built on a fundamental message:
    Compassionate care

    Compassion for the poor – including those working two…even three jobs – yet forced to choose which meal to skip.
    Care for the plight of the sick, the homeless, the marginalized and structurally disadvantaged
    Compassion for our children – who will LIVE the worst effects of the climate crisis… and the
    deeper crisis that underlies it.
    Care for the web of life, and the other sentient beings whose pain we ignore
    And Yes…Compassion for the PEOPLE who support individuals, and ideas we find distasteful… or destructive. Those folks may have lost their way, but the are still our neighbors.

    We are worthy of compassion.

    In Trenton,
    I will fight to ensure that our State becomes a leader in responding to the climate crisis.
    I will advocate for the right to a clean, healthy environment and quality education for All who are willing to make the effort, regardless of age, background, or location.
    I will work tirelessly towards a fair and just community-centric economy
    I will dig deeply into our budget and trim the billions sucked from our economy by private corporations for the benefit of their distant shareholders who contribute nothing but venture capital… and use that money to return our state to solvency… without cutting vital programs.
    And I will do this with integrity of purpose, and understanding of systemic interdependence.

    To my neighbors in the 9th … to those fed up with politicians paying lip service to vital issues while lining the pockets of wealthy sponsors…
    like George Norcross and friends.
    to those outraged by giant corporations destroying our local economies and Ravaging our environments
    to those living in despair as the worst effects of climate crisis become glaring
    – to those looking for compassionate, caring leadership in Trenton

    you deserve better.
    WE deserve better.

    This isn’t about parties, it’s about communities, and what we value …most deeply…equal opportunity to live a life you find meaningful, The agency to contribute to the happiness of your community and the health of our planet, and the rights of our grandchildren to enjoy these same values. Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, I think we can ALL agree on what’s really important. Happy and healthy communities, vibrant and fair local economies, and a healthy planet on which our children can thrive.

    But we will only get there by understanding democracy as a verb, not a noun. It’s not that we must have democracy… rather, we must democratize across the board, not just in government, but in the workplace and communities as well, so that we all have the sovereignty to meaningfully contribute to the wellbeing of our communities and our planet. If you like what I stand for, and want to be help to build a society of active, compassionate, contributors ask me or my campaign manager Shaun how YOU can help.

    This November, don’t vote for complacency, vote for Integrity, caring and compassion.

    Im. Wayne Lewis, and i’m here to better understand what you see as the most vital issues facing our state.

  2. Indeed, all systems that are not living systems very rapidly dissapate assymetry…they externalize entropy as rapidly as possible…including simple disspative systems that create emergent order like whirlpools ( morphodynamic in Deacons terminology) …by the maximum entropy principle. Living systems on the other hand (minimally metabolism, repair systems) are qualitatively different in that they use constraint ( and evolve novel constraints) to lengthen the dissapation pathlength of the driving external assymetry( food etc.) and tend to form ever more convoluted dissapation paths in which the release of assymetry is harnessed via constraint to perform purposeful work (thermodynamic) in maintaining the functional integrity of the system ( in its constraint closure, functional closure, catalytic task closure). I conjecture that in the infinite limit of such a process the second law is no longer a law and the arrow of time is no longer defineable. In any case, perhaps in thinking about game B we need to be thinking of engendering the evolution of a living system rather than defining a complex one?

  3. For clarification, because there is alot of heterogeneity in the way words like complexity, complex adaptive system, dissaptive system, and resilience/efficiency are used…are you differentiating between a simple dissapative system like a whirlpool, a cybernetic system like a speed regulator or thermostat and a living system? it seems that you are, and that what you are referring to as a complex system with unbounded and unprestateable phase space exihibiting what SA kaufman would call radical emergence is what i would call a living system as would have Robert Rosen for instance. All living systems are complex. but not all complex systems are organism. they are qualitatively distinct thermodynamically ( quite profoundly) and in the presence of immanently mindlike or purposeful properties. I remember reading Talebs antifragility and thinking that what he is calling antifragility is a property of and only of living systems in the sense Rosen, Varela, or Deacon might mean by living system.

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