Special Episode: Zachary Vorhies

Zachary Vorhies

Zachary Vorhies recently resigned as a senior software engineer at YouTube. Employed by Google since 2008, Vorhies collected a large cache of documents that he claims demonstrates that Google intentionally skews search results to drive a political agenda. Vorhies shared these documents with James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, which released a video about the documents on August 14, 2019. Vorhies’ candid interview with Jim Rutt was conducted five days later on August 19, 2019.

  1. Meet Zack Vorhies, “The Snowden of Google” 12 minutes
  2. Machine Learning Fairness and the Fairness Bias 8 minutes
  3. Did Google Commit Perjury Before U.S. Congress? 7 minutes
  4. Why Doesn’t Google AutoComplete match Search Patterns? 11 minutes
  5. Has Google Interfered in U.S. and Foreign Elections? 5 minutes
  6. “My Breaking Point” – Google and Covfefe 7 minutes

3 thoughts on “Special Episode: Zachary Vorhies

  1. Wow. What are we? How can a man be an engineer, but completely lacking in the ability to sort reasonable ideas from absurd ones? He should possess basic analytic abilty, right? Amazing.

  2. what you will find Zach…if you dig deeply…is that the operating system of extant public coproprations since the days of Milton Friedman which as you said is the singular purpose of maximizing shareholder value, represents in EVERY case…not some, not most, but every case a fundamental conflict of interest with the needs of individuals, the steardship of our commons, and the web of life continuing to collectively coregulate the conditions conducive to its persistence. Google isn’t a bad actor (well they are actually) but there is nothing special about them. capital accumulation as a way of organizing nature, including us, has reached the stage at which its internal inconsistencies have become glaring. We need an operating system update rather urgently, and none of the systems that have been tried fit the bill/

  3. Google was had its run. Now, it’s time for the perjury to be punished. Thanks for your revelations.

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