EP94 Shahin Farshchi on Self-Driving Tech

Shahin Farshchi talks to Jim about self-driving tech: 5 automation levels, safeguards, the consumer market, costs, policy, and much more…

Shahin Farshchi

Shahin Farshchi talks to Jim about self-driving technology. They cover Waymo’s driverless taxi launch, the 5 levels of automation, teleoperation, redundant safeguards, self-driving deployment approaches & challenges, planning for corner cases, consumer market speculations, operating costs, Tesla’s aspirations & shadow testing advantage, the simulator in the loop business model, sensors, policy & liability, ride-sharing companies advantage, and more.

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Shahin empowers visionary founders aiming to accelerate humanity and build a fantastic future through feats of engineering. He built brain-machine interfaces for his PhD in Electrical Engineering, hybrids at General Motors, founded a wireless vital sign monitoring company, and as a Partner at Lux, has funded chip (Nervana), rocket (Relativity), satellite (Planet), robotics (Covariant.ai), and driverless car (Zoox) companies. Lux is a $2.4B VC that invests in tomorrow’s transformational companies across healthcare and technology.

One thought on “EP94 Shahin Farshchi on Self-Driving Tech

  1. About a year ago we drove up one arm of a T intersection. A car had knocked down a signal pole that fell into the intersection, but not completely blocking traffic in any direction.

    A Waymo car was trying to make a left turn from the far arm of the T. It saw the pole in the street and stopped. It would drive forward a few inches, stop, and check again whether the obstacle was still there, over and over. Is this technology ready to be set loose on its own? The corner cases where it fails aren’t all that uncommon.

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