Currents 019: Alexander Beiner on Indigenous Narcissism

Jim talks to Alexander Beiner about his new article on Indigenous Narcissism: western cultural norms, tribalism, social media, ethics, and much more…

In this Currents episode, Jim and Alexander Beiner have a wide-ranging chat about his recent article on Indigenous Narcissism. They cover western cultural norms, tribalism & belonging, social media as a tribal battlefield, addiction dynamics of social media, voluntary organization decline, the erosion of trust in institutions, ethics, postmodern cultural influence & dynamics, indigenous perspectives, cultures as operating systems, integral theory & the messiness of progress, fixing vs replacing systems, bottom-up vs top-down cultural innovation, the GameB approach, and more.

Alexander is a writer, facilitator and cultural commentator. In 2012, he co-founded a meditation school, Open Meditation. He has also worked in some of the world’s top events agencies developing immersive live experiences. He is one of the organizers of Breaking Convention, Europe’s largest conference on psychedelic science and culture. His work on psychedelic theory has been published in the 2016 book ‘Neurotransmissions’, as well as ‘The Guardian’. He also writes fiction and plays traditional Irish music.