EP93 Brent Cooper on Critique, Consensus & Politics

Brent Cooper talks to Jim about the meta-crisis, critique, politics, GameB, monetary theory, climate policy, meta/post-modernism, and much more…

Brent Cooper

Brent Cooper talks to Jim about his academic & intellectual background, the under-appreciation of sociology, the meta-crisis, useful critique, time-scales & approaches to solving the meta-crisis, Jim & Brent’s political perspectives, GameB values, monetary theory, smuggling bad ideas, the cost of war, climate change & the Green New Deal, mapping & utilizing metamodernism, the diversity of postmodernism, the danger of cherry-picking from systems, the value in disagreement, and more.

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Brent Cooper is an independent political sociologist and metamodern philosopher who runs The Abs-Tract Organization, a nonprofit think tank and media project that specializes in abstraction, a mental, social, physical, and material process that defines the expanding complexity of society.

One thought on “EP93 Brent Cooper on Critique, Consensus & Politics

  1. Is Trump just another narcissist? Yes. Is Trump just lucky to be born rich and use Daddy’s money to make money in real estate, not to mention avoiding running afoul of the mafia concrete pouring business in NYC and having Daddy bail him out of one notable casino failure? Yes.

    Is Trump worse than any other president. Nope. Presidents have done a lot of terrible things in the past. Think of how many people Obama had killed with drones. All Trump could do was brag about his chocolate cake to Premier Xi as he ordered a cruise missile attack in Syria.

    Think of how many people Bush Two killed with his wars against weapons of mass destruction which the enemy never had. Think about Clinton and his cruise missile attacks on a Sudanese pharmaceutical plant and the democracy that was Serbia. Think about Bush Senior in Iraq. We could go on to Regan in Nicaragua, Carter in East Timor, Johnston and Kennedy in Vietnam or Eisenhouwer in Iran but you get the point.

    Pee Ess, I forgot to mention all the lynchings of blacks in the south that FDR did squat about to keep the support of Democrats there. All Trump could do is support the many decades old land grab of Israel which every other US president in recent history has also done. And, he hasn’t started a war although that does seem to be a recurrent re-election modus operandi of US presidents.

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