Currents 009: Gregg Henriques on Theory Of Meta-Cultural Transition

Jim talks to Dr. Gregg Henriques about his tree of knowledge & meta-cultural transition, justification theory, meaning, consciousness, integrative pluralism, and much more…

Gregg Henriques

In this Currents episode, Jim talks to Dr. Gregg Henriques about complexity in his tree of knowledge & how it’s connects to meta-cultural transition, the power of justification theory, understanding meaning & its connection to western history, GameB, the enlightenment 2.0 & enlightenment gap, mind & matter, Jim’s AI deer, the hard problem of consciousness, mysticism, Gregg’s ingredients for integrative pluralism, importances of core values, and much more.

Dr. Gregg Henriques is currently utilizing his Unified Theory of Psychology to systematically study character and well-being, social motivation and emotion, and to develop a more unified approach to psychotherapy. Dr. Henriques (Full Professor) has been a core faculty member in James Madison University’s Combined-Integrated Clinical and School Psychology Doctoral Program. He arrived at JMU in 2003, and directed the C-I doctoral program from 2005 to 2017. In addition to providing administrative oversight of the program, he also engages in clinical supervision and teaches courses on social and personality psychology, integrative psychotherapy and history and systems. In 2011 he outlined his approach in a book, A New Unified Theory of Psychology, (Springer, 2011). For the past several years, he has authored a Psychology Today blog called Theory of Knowledge, which offers weekly blog posts on a wide variety of topics related to his view for a more unified field. Dr. Henriques also has expertise in the assessment and treatment of severe psychopathology, particularly depression and suicide, and is currently a licensed clinical psychologist in Virginia.