EP67 Tomas Björkman on The Nordic Secret

Tomas Björkman talks to Jim about what made Nordic countries thrive, psychological development, the disappearance & possible re-emergence of the Bildung, and much more…

Tomas Bjorkman

Tomas Björkman talks to Jim about the danger of reifying systems, understanding the Bildung, what made the Nordic countries exceptional, inner development, Scandinavia’s retreat centers, cultural modernity, the self-authoring shift & emergent levels in psychological development, influential philosophers & their impact on education, the role of romanticism, the role of Freemasonry, the spread of the folk-Bildung in Scandinavia, expanding our circles of belonging, the importance of personal responsibility, the disappearance & possible re-emergence of the Bildung, and more.

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Tomas Björkman is an author and social entrepreneur supporting sustainable development for individuals, organizations, and society. He’s interested in expanding consciousness, new narratives, complexity and behavioral economics, the concept of Bildung, the importance of technological and personal development going hand in hand, and the power of vulnerability and authenticity.