Currents 004: Michael Vassar on Passive-Aggressive Revolution

In this Currents episode, Jim talks to Michael Vassar about how he defines the passive-aggressive revolution & the ways it could manifest in the US, how the George Floyd protests impact the revolution, police bureaucracy vs bad actors, potential investigative & prosecution rights for private citizens, Trump’s church photo op, the pandemic economic response, Trump voter types, white nationalism, and more.

Michael Vassar is an American futurist, activist, and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and chief science officer of MetaMed Research. He was president of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute until January 2012.

Vassar advocates safe development of new technologies for the benefit of humankind. He has co-authored papers on the risks of advanced molecular manufacturing with Robert Freitas, and has written the special report “Corporate Cornucopia: Examining the Special Implications of Commercial MNT Development” for the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology Task Force.

2 thoughts on “Currents 004: Michael Vassar on Passive-Aggressive Revolution

  1. Great episode Jim. I agree with you that the St. John’s photo-op debacle was the most anti-democratic, anti-constitutional planned event on US soil in our long history. The cherry on top of that turd sundae was the fact that these enforcers were as intentionally anonymous as the white-clad storm troopers in Star Wars films.

    Vassar’s call for a national prayer day is a great idea to foment a passive-aggressive revolution but a lot more folks would buy in if we were praying to “de-fund” the police. The core military is trying to do the right thing.

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